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Stay tuned for new program launch September 2023!


Unlock the power of nutrition to calm digestive symptoms and tame inflammation!


Get your energy back, conquer cravings, lose weight, alleviate joint pain, reduce brain fog, and more with a proven framework designed to deliver lasting results!

with Cheryl Mitchell 


Integrative & Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Gut Health Specialist

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Start reclaiming your health and quality of life on May 4th! 



Not needing to know where every bathroom is when you are out and about


Having confidence and freedom to eat without worrying about bloating or painful digestive flare-ups


Does this sound like you?
  • I must know where every bathroom is when I am out because I may have to find one on short notice.

  • I eat too much sugar, but I can't seem to control my cravings.

  • I don't eat much, and I exercise often, but the scale doesn't budge; then if I splurge one weekend, I gain 5 pounds!

  • I find it hard to concentrate sometimes due to brain fog.

  • Joint pain and stiffness prevent me from doing things I enjoy doing.

  • I often go for 4 or 5 days without a bowel movement. By day four or so, I start feeling toxic.

  • I'm afraid of what to eat, for fear of paying for it later.

It doesn't have to be this 👆🏽 way. You can take control, and you don't have to do it alone!



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The GutRenew System

Gut & Inflammation Reset Group Program
Renewing Together is designed to address gut and inflammation challenges with proven diet and lifestyle interventions to help you take control of your health 
(without the gimmicks)

Starts on May 4th
7:00-8:00 pm
 🥳 Come away with a clearer understanding of foods that trigger your symptoms and learn secrets that can help you resolve them!

Take a look 👀 inside...

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An exclusive 12-week program

Spring special: $297

Save $$! Comparable programs cost over $2200!

What's Included? 🤔

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A 7-week
Facilitator-Led Course 

What you can expect to receive during your participation

Course Includes:

👉🏽 Over 30 nutrition and lifestyle modules in 7 lessons

👉🏽 Tools, resources, and handouts that provide you with in-depth learning

👉🏽 HIPAA-compliant, group chat support

👉🏽 Food/symptom journal with a complete Food Database

👉🏽 Assessment forms to evaluate improvement in your symptoms

👉🏽 Convenient app

Live Group 

I host weekly, group sessions presenting all material that is covered in this course

Sessions Include:

👉🏽 7 live, weekly online group sessions

👉🏽 Tasks and reminders to help you stay on track with your goals

👉🏽 Q&A after each session

👉🏽 Access to all materials covered during the live sessions for you to review at your own pace

👉🏽 Optional V.I.P. spots available for 3 one to one coaching sessions during the program at an additional cost

Living Plate on Screen.png
Meal Plans

You will have access to digital meal plans and recipes to support your journey


👉🏽 Access to thousands of recipes, which include shopping lists

👉🏽 Meal plans that align with the therapeutic goals of the program, designed to maximize your results

👉🏽 Customizable options

👉🏽 Access to meal plans for two months 

Course does not include the cost of supplements. However, an
exclusive supplement discount will be available to all participants.
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Why you should work with me...

✓ I've been where you are. I understand the struggles of living with the pain and discomfort of gut health challenges - bloating, cramping, painful gut and inflammation symptoms. I invite you to read my story in my blog 👉🏽 here.

✓ I have a 25-year background as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Nutrition (obtained in 1999) and solid knowledge in applying nutrition therapy protocols.

✓ I'm board certified in Integrative & Functional Nutrition, an advanced practice, leading-edge, evidence-based, systems biology approach to health and healing that addresses the root causes of chronic conditions.

✓ I have 16 years of coaching experience and have helped thousands of people achieve successful lifestyle changes.

Functional Nutritionist Cheryl. Gut Health. Group Program.

What our program participants are saying...

The joint pain went away, the bloating and inflammation calmed down, I am sleeping better, I have SO much more energy and my gastrointestinal problems are GONE!!  I hadn't intended on weight loss but I have lost 13 pounds so far!  I am not dieting or going hungry, I am just eating the right foods for my body now.  I didn't realize how truly bad I had been feeling until I felt what healthy feels like.  Thank you Cheryl for caring about and aiding me in my health goals!

Lindy, Cumming GA

I needed help with my eating habits and also to lose weight. I also had this burning sensation in my stomach after meals and I started to get sensitive to some foods that I wasn’t previously sensitive to.  For over 20 years I couldn't bend my knees or do squats due to knee pain. I can do squats now! I almost cried when I realized. I also lost 15 lbs, and I no longer have that burning sensation in my stomach."

Claudette, Ashburn VA

I have chronic fatigue and I was always in pain. I could not even work. I started feeling better when I ate the foods that Cheryl suggested. 

Sharon, Queens NY

I hear you saying, "Sounds great, but..." 🤔

I don't want to cook two different meals for myself and my family.

The recipes in the Renewing Together meal plan are flexible and family-friendly and are appropriate for everyone! You will also have access to a customizable meal-planning program where you can make changes to your weekly menu depending on your and your family's preferences.

I have tried programs like these, and they don't work for me.

This is not a cookie-cutter program that's sold in bulk (where the creator doesn't know how you did with their material). I am actually there with you for our weekly sessions. There is a Q&A at the end of each session, and you have access to the private group chat feature for additional support. You may be surprised at how much you can accomplish with the right support and guidance!

Are you ready to reclaim your energy and confidence in eating so you can have the life you deserve?

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