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Living Renewed Rx | Testimonials


Here are just a few of the many success stories shared by clients

"Changing the Way You Feel: When in Doubt, Begin in the Gut."

Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CNS, FACN, IFMCP

Male Portrait

Before the program, I had severe intestinal inflammation, constant bloating, and food sensitivity that led to an immune response causing severe weight loss and trouble breathing at times. I consulted several doctors and had every structural exam available without any meaningful diagnosis or relief. Cheryl was able to identify the causes as a gut bacteria imbalance and craft a plan specific to my needs to help restore the intestinal state back to health.  My quality of life has improved dramatically, the inflammation and bloating have subsided and my weight is back up to a healthy level.  I would recommend this program to anyone suffering the same or similar symptoms.

- Ty L. Norcross, GA

Middle Aged Woman

I started having bloating issues after the birth of my second child but after my gall bladder was removed, every time I ate food, I began consistently having moderate and severe stomach pains, food ran right through me and I wasn't absorbing many nutrients. I didn't have any energy, gained 45 pounds, had a ton of bloating, joint pain, was really depressed and I always had to be near a bathroom.

Learning which foods were triggers has helped me immensely. The joint pain went away, the bloating and inflammation calmed down, I am sleeping better, I have SO much more energy, and my gastrointestinal problems are GONE!! I hadn't intended on weight loss but I have lost 13 pounds so far! I am not dieting or going hungry, I am just eating the right foods for my body now. I didn't realize how truly bad I had been feeling until I felt what healthy feels like. Thank you Cheryl for caring about and aiding me in my health goals!

- L.H. Cumming, GA

Confident Woman

I needed help with my eating habits and also to lose weight. I also had this burning sensation in my stomach after meals and I started to get sensitive to some foods that I wasn’t previously sensitive to.  For over 20 years I couldn't bend my knees or do squats due to knee pain. I can do squats now! I almost cried when I realized. I also lost 15 lbs, and I no longer have that burning sensation in my stomach.

- C.T. Ashburn, VA

My digestive health was an awful mess. I was afraid to eat anything for fear of stomach pain later, so I lost a lot of weight. I reached out to Cheryl because I did not know which way to turn for help, and she listened patiently and was able to guide me. Cheryl has taught me how I can sit down to a meal with the knowledge of what to eat. The supplements and planned meals have helped heal my stomach lining, and I eat with confidence now. Cheryl, Thank you so much for being there for me during my hardest times.

- A.S. Buford, GA

I have suffered from gastrointestinal issues for quite a while but they became severe in the last year. After seeing a few doctors and not getting helpful answers, I decided to find a nutritionist instead. Best decision I ever made! My stomach issues are starting to clear up as well as other ailments I was dealing with. I was dealing with a painful ovarian cyst/fibroid and recently learned that it was gone! I truly feel that because of the lifestyle changes I am making with the help of Cheryl, my health is dramatically improving. I'm learning so much and am so grateful for this journey!

- D.M., Buford, GA

Before working with Cheryl I was suffering from diverticulitis and had been in the hospital for a round of oral antibiotics. After my colonoscopy, my gastroenterologist recommended surgery to remove a 4” section of my colon due to inflammation. The changes Cheryl made to my diet and the supplements she suggested dramatically improved my colon inflammation. The surgeon has now concluded that I no longer need colon surgery!  I owe all of these positive results to Cheryl! 

- D.B., Hoschton, GA

Cheryl was very attentive to understanding my specific health needs. She developed a very comprehensive metabolic and genetic assessment plan to evaluate my nutrient deficiencies, including a plan for nutrient replacements. My program also included dietary modifications and an exercise plan. I lost 7% body fat. I also feel so much better physically and think clearer as well. I get many comments on how much healthier I look. 


Before I started working with Cheryl, I simply felt miserable. I did not feel good about my body, and I wanted to regain my power from feeling stuck. I tried Keto, and it did not work for me. I ended up with high cholesterol and gained all the weight back. At my routine follow-up appointment, I was told I was at risk for being pre-diabetic, and would possibly need medication for high cholesterol. My doctor said I had 4 months to turn my numbers around before putting me on medication. After doing some research, I felt like Cheryl was the perfect fit, and I was correct. She is a partner. She adjusts my lifestyle plan to help customize what is going on in the moment. I went from little to no energy, not eating properly, doing fad diets, not exercising, and not controlling my stress levels. To working out and eating right, and meditating daily. I feel happier to even have people say, “wow, you have your glow back”. Cheryl gave me all of the tools I needed to sustain a healthy doable lifestyle. I am only a few months into the program, and I have surprised myself, but I would not have been able to do it alone.

- B.A. Dacula, GA

Prior to working with Cheryl, I suffered for 14 months with very low energy, unable to complete daily activities such as laundry, cleaning or grocery shopping. Since working with Chery I have experienced major changes in my energy level and overall health. I am now able to complete daily activities, complete a full day's work, and participate in a weekly exercise program. My experience working with Cheryl has been life-changing. Her holistic approach is very educational and supportive. She provided tools that were easily adapted to my everyday life. If you are serious about your overall health and longevity, I highly recommend committing yourself to her program.

- W.G., Sterling, VA

During my previous appointment, my doctor said she would be putting me on diabetes medication if I didn't bring my A1c down. I worked with Cheryl during the 3 months between each visit. I lost 25 pounds and my A1c went from 6.8 to 5.0. At my most recent visit, my doctor could not believe it! She told me to keep doing what I'm doing and that she would not be prescribing the diabetes medication.

- D.T.

- J.W., Tifton, GA

Having a frequent need to urinate, I visited my doctor for a checkup. The doctor informed me that my blood sugar was at a diabetic level of 146. With Cheryl, I was made aware that my body had the ability to improve my blood sugar given the right tools. I was given healthy, fulfilling, nutritionally balanced recipes and supplement suggestions, which I followed, with Cheryl coaching my progression. In just over a month, I lost 24 lbs and my Blood sugar went from 146 to 76.

I have spent thousands of dollars on weight loss products. You do lose some weight but when you start eating real food again you gain it back. Cheryl is helping me lose weight while eating real food so I don't feel deprived. I used to wear a size 46 jeans, then I went down to 44 then 42. My 42's are now baggy so I guess I'm going down yet another size.

- R.R.

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