Rate each of the following symptoms based upon your typical health profile for the past 30 days. Please look carefully at the scale below before you begin. Note that some answers reflect "severe" and "not severe." 

Point Scale:
0 = Never        

1 = Rarely. Effect NOT severe   

2 = Occasionally. Effect NOT severe

3 = Occasionally. Effect severe   

4 = Frequenty. Effect NOT severe

5 = Frequently. Effect severe     

Important: By clicking Submit, you are consenting to have the information electronically delivered to Living Renewed's HIPAA-compliant portal. You also consent to be contacted by a representative of Living Renewed to briefly review your responses and your interest in participating in our program.


This questionnaire is not intended to replace visits with your physician. The total score is not meant to diagnose any condition. It will be used to track how therapeutic lifestyle changes impact your symptoms over time.

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My Symptom Questionnaire



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