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Group Coaching & Support

Discover hidden truths and techniques to help you find answers and achieve results

"Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.”

Jim Rohn

Gut Health 180

An Integrative & Functional Approach to Improving your Digestive Health

Starting January 9, 2023

The purpose of our digestive system is to facilitate nutrients getting to the cells of our body (while keeping undesirables and potentially harmful substances out). When this function is compromised, we may feel tired and sluggish, inflammation may increase, and we may not think clearly (brain fog). We may begin to feel symptoms of illness, and if left unaddressed, these symptoms can develop into full-blown health problems.

Are you fed up with bloating, pain, indigestion, or any other symptoms digestive issues bring your way? You don't have to continue trying to figure it out on your own. My program employs cutting-edge, science-based tools designed to help you achieve results. Get ready to learn tips, secrets, and strategies to get your health back!

Here is the shortlist of some items we will cover during our time together:

  • "Follow the breadcrumbs" discussion to help you identify events in your past that may be impacting your digestive health today

  • Learn strategies to help you translate what your body is telling you as we determine the foods that trigger your symptoms

  • Review the impact of diet and other lifestyle factors on the health of your gut, with a discussion of the ones that apply specifically to you

  • Incorporate foods that help reduce inflammation, including immune reactions in the gut and learn how to reduce the toxic burden on your body

  • Step by step guide and support during the personalized "challenge" phase

  • Focus on foods that support a healthy microbiome

  • Meal planning with recipes, grocery lists, and special access to download a comprehensive meal planning app

  • Journal access to track food, mood, and symptoms

  • Chat support between sessions

  • Exclusive access to my private Facebook group just for participants

  • Special Q and A session before wrapping up each week

It's amazing what the body can do when it's given the right tools!

Here are just a few of the results reported by actual clients:

Reduced inflammation (including joint pain) just one week after starting the program

Increased energy

Improved elimination

Clearer thinking (reduced brain fog)

Reduced cravings

Less bloating

Weight loss (when overweight)

Unintentional/uncontrolled weight loss halted

Reduced sinus congestion/drainage

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Bonus Topics!

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  • Probiotics: When, why, and how often you may need them (or not)

  • The microbiome: Learn about beneficial bacteria and how we can nourish them so they can help us thrive

  • Gut health supplements

  • Stool testing for gut health: What does it test for and where can you get it done